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about hunter laine

Hunter Laine's journey in the world of music started in Tokyo, but it was in New York City that he truly made a name for himself. After relocating to the city in 1988, he immersed himself in the vibrant club scene, frequenting places like Tunnel, Palladium, Nell's, MK, and many others.

In the early 1990s, Hunter established himself as a renowned DJ in NYC with a five-year residency at the legendary nightclub, Nell's. This club was a hot spot for celebrities such as Madonna, Prince, Grace Jones, Hugh Grant, Queen Latifah, and many others. Nell's was also featured in music videos and movies like "American Psycho" and "Rounders."

Throughout his career, Hunter has worked with some of the key players in the NYC club scene, including the owners, managers, and promoters of Studio 54 (Original), Palladium (Original), Club USA, Kit Kat Club, China Club (New), Life, Lotus, Restaurant 147, Discotheque, BLVD, Wonder Bar, and more. He held a residency at Decade Night Club, which Time Out Magazine referred to as "The Best Sexually Mixed Party in NYC." He also had a notable residency at BLVD, which was known for being one of the biggest upscale parties in the city.

In recent years, Hunter has had successful events at Pianos and was part of the official lineup at Halcyon for Output. In 2018, he made the lineup for TBA Brooklyn. Currently, he holds a residency at SAMUI Brooklyn, a popular spot among the hip crowd in NYC.

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Specializing Format:  House Music, Disco Classic, 80's Dance Music / Free Style, Classic House, Afro-Beat, Nu-Jazz, Jazz, Lounge Music, Old School Reggae / Dance Hall, R&B, Old School Hip-Hop, etc..

Quad Studios - Charity Event (Times Square, NYC - 2020)
SAMUI Brooklyn (Dumbo - BK, NYC - Redidency 2019)
Halcyon (Williamsburg - BK, NYC - 2019)
Bedford Post Inn (Bedford, NY - 2019)
TBA Brooklyn (Williamsburg - BK, NYC - 2018) 
The Twenty (Williamsburg - BK, NYC - Residency 2017-2018)
Ovelia (Astoria-Queens/NYC - Residency 2016-2017) 
The INN (New Hyde Park, NY - 2016)  
Lilly's (Long Beach, NY - 2016)
The 5200 Longview Mansion (Riverdale, NY - 2016)
Pianos (LES, NYC - 2016)
Halcyon @ Output (Williamsburg - BK, NYC - 2016)
The Fox Hollow Hotel (Woodbury, NY - 2015)
Bed-Vyne Cocktail Bar (BK, NYC - 2015)
Splitty (BK, NYC - 2015)
Hi-Life Lounge East Side (Upper East Side, NYC - Residency 2014-2015)
Pianos (LES, NYC - 2014)

Madame-X (SOHO, NYC - Residency 2014) 

Bossa Nova Civic Club (BK, NYC - 2013)
SUKI  (Bay Ridge - BK, NYC - Residency 2013)
Dish Restaurant Lounge (Bay Ridge-BK, NYC - Residency 2012-2013)
Ovelia (Astoria-Queens/NYC - Residency 2008-2012)
Club 21 (Astoria-Queens/NYC - 2011)  
Tokyo Bar - Private Event (Tribeca, NYC - 2009) 
INC Lounge @ The Time Hotel (Midtown, NYC - 2009) 
Angels and Kings - Starlette Sunday (LES, NYC - 2007) 
BLVD - Showstopper Party (LES, NYC - Residency 2007) 
Club Sapony (L.I.C.-Queens/NYC - 2006) 
Club Shelter/Speeed (NYC - Booking Only) 
667 Bar Gallery Lounge (BK/NYC - Residency 2005) 
Lounge 32 (Astoria-Queens/NYC) 
Rehab / Time Cafe (NOHO, NYC) 
Luahn (NYC) 
Verlaine (LES, NYC) 
Lickwed (LES, NYC) 
Serena @ Chelsea Hotel (Chelsea, NYC) 
Halcyon - Original Location (BK/NYC) 
Happy Ending (LES, NYC) 
Belmondo (LES, NYC) 
Sapphire Lounge (LES, NYC) 
SX137 (LES, NYC) 
Boogaloo (Williamsburg, BK/NYC) 
Idlewild (LES, NYC) 
Paisley (NYC) 
Pier 63 (NYC) 
Joe's Pub - Lovebazzaar (NOHO, NYC) 
Suba Restaurant (LES, NYC) 
Alphabet Lounge (NYC) 
Moe's (BK/NYC) 
Flute (Midtown, NYC) 
Void (SOHO, NYC) 
SOL (BK/NYC - Residency 2000-2001) 
Club Decade (Upper East Side, NYC - Residency 2000-2001) 
King / former Rex (NYC -Residency 2000-2001) 
Restaurant 147 (NYC - Residency 2000-2001) 
Madame-X (SOHO, NYC) 
Izzy Bar (NYC) 
Diesel Super Store (NYC) 
Bodega (Tribeca, NYC) 
Club Venue (Upper West Side, NYC) 
Club Metro (Springfield, MA) 
Nell's (NYC - Residency 1995-2000) 
Palladium - Fashion Show (NYC - 1994)